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About Lipiany

The Lipiany Commune is an urban-rural commune located in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, in the southern part of the Pyrzyce County. The commune covers an area of 94.62 km2, which is 13% of the poviat’s area, and comprises the town of Lipiany and 12 village councils: Batowo, Derczewko, Dębiec, Jedlice, Krasne, Miedzyń, Mielęcinek, Nowice, Osetna, Połczyno, Skrzynka, and Wołczyn. The number of inhabitants of the Lipiany commune as of December 31, 2021 is 5,640 people, including people temporarily registered.

The following run through the area of the Lipiany commune: provincial road No. 119 from Szczecin through Pyrzyce towards Gorzów Wielkopolski and provincial road No. 156 to Barlinek. The communication system of the commune is supplemented by the network of poviat and commune roads. Lipiany is about 7 km away from the S3 expressway.

Lipiany is located in the Myślibórz Lake District within the Zachodniopomorskie Lake District. The town of Lipiany itself is surrounded by 4 lakes: Chłop, Wądół, Będzin and Kościelne, as well as several smaller ones. The commune has valuable natural resources; part of its area has been protected in the form of the Natura 2000 Habitat Special Protection Area. There are also natural objects in the commune under legal protection in the form of natural monuments; these are single trees and groups of trees, as well as an erratic boulder.

Statistical data indicate that entrepreneurship in the Lipiany commune is developing well, as more entities are created than are removed from the REGON register. The largest enterprises employing the largest number of people in the commune are:
– BPI Polska Sp. z o. o. in Lipiany, furniture industry – semi-finished products and sponge products;
– PRIGNITZ Meble Pomorskie Sp. z o. o. in Lipiany, furniture industry – furniture, furniture components, pieces of furniture veneer;
– Pro-Trailer Sp. z o.o., industry cars – semi-trailers, trailers;
– Best Sub Europe Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. in Lipiany, printing industry, printing industry.


The Lipiany commune is an interesting tourist destination, located in the Myślibórz Lake District, it is an ideal place for people looking for a peaceful holiday in the bosom of nature. Lipiany is a fortified city, with the historic Pyrzyce Gate and Myśliborska Gate, as well as the walls that are the remains of the city’s fortifications. The commune is also characterized by a rich history of beer tradition. In the past centuries, brewing was thriving in Lipiany, and the most famous drink in Lipiany was the beer „Zaczynaj”.
In Lipiany, there is a Tourist Information Center at the Municipal and Commune Cultural Centre. There are available materials and information promoting the commune, including the „Wywarzone guide about Lipiany”.

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